Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association


In Recognition of Continuous, Outstanding, and Unselfish Service.



(Top) Connie Zieba, Alpha Gamma Delta, Polly Kent, Chi Omega, Lorie Coffelt, Alpha Delta Pi, Cathy Coers Frank, Chi Omega,
Judy Lupo, Kappa Delta, Toni Post, Delta Zeta, Judy Harwell, Delta Zeta (Bottom) Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha,
Karen Miller, Kappa Delta, Karen Roush, Alpha Omicron Pi, Sandy Lewis, Zeta Tau Alpha
(Not Pictured) Debbie Jones, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Joni Landon, Alpha Chi Omega


Coffelt Lorie Coffelt (Mrs. Ronald)
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  Alpha Delta Pi  
Cathy Coers Frank Cathy Coers Frank (Mrs. Jay)
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  Chi Omega  
Judy Harwell Judy Harwell   Delta Zeta  
Debbie Jones  Debbie Jones (Mrs. Frank G.)   Kappa Kappa Gamma  
Kent Polly Kent (Mrs. Joe)
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  Chi Omega  
Joni  Joni Landon (Mrs. Jerry )   Alpha Chi Omega  
Lewis  Sandy Lewis (Mrs. Drew)
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  Zeta Tau Alpha  
Lupo  Judy Lupo (Mrs. Dick)   Kappa Delta  
Toni Post  Toni Post
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  Delta Zeta  
Miller  Karen Miller (Mrs. Logan)   Sigma Kappa  
Roush  Karen Roush   Alpha Omicron Pi  
St. Aubin Sherry St. Aubin (Mrs. Rolland)
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  Zeta Tau Alpha  
Connie Zieba Connie Windes Zieba (Mrs. John-David)   Alpha Gamma Delta  


Analyn Anderson Lee, Susan Banks, Pam Jarrett, Cathy Lorino, Linda Porter, Pat Shuford
Analyn Anderson Lee, Sigma Kappa, Susan Banks, Gamma Phi Beta, Pam Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi,
Cathy Lorino, Gamma Phi Beta, Linda Porter, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pat Shuford, Pi Beta Phi
(Not Pictured) Jean Calloway, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Susan Banks  Susan Banks (Mrs. Paul G.)   Gamma Phi Beta  
blank Jean Calloway   Kappa Kappa Gamma  
Pam Jarrett  Pam Jarrett, (Mrs. Alan)
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  Alpha Epsilon Phi  
Analyn Analyn Anderson Lee (Mrs. Mark)   Sigma Kappa  
Cathy Lorino Cathy Lorino (Mrs. Joe)
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  Gamma Phi Beta  
Linda Porter Linda Porter (Mrs. Robert)   Sigma Sigma Sigma  
Pat Shuford Pat Shuford (Mrs. Mac)
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  Pi Beta Phi  


blank Ann Epler (Mrs. John)   Delta Delta Delta **
blank Barbara Raines   Alpha Chi Omega  
blank Judy Rose (Mrs. Barry)   Alpha Omicron Pi *


Connie Dalton  Connie K. Dalton (Mrs. Stephen)   Phi Mu  
Mimi Hagedorn Mimi Hagedorn (Mrs. Barry)
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  Alpha Phi  
Moore Carolyn Berry Moore (Mrs.)
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  Zeta Tau Alpha  
  Judy Schudy (Mrs. George)   Delta Delta Delta  
candace Candace Turner (Mrs. Weems)   Phi Mu  
Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson (Mrs. Don)   Kappa Kappa Gamma  


Sue Brennig Mrs. Charles C. Brennig, Jr. (Sue)
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  Kappa Kappa Gamma  
blank Ms. Melissa Sledge Dixon   Alpha Xi Delta  
blank Mrs. Norman B. Floeck (Rita)   Kappa Delta  
Elaine Herring Mrs. James H. Herring, III (Elaine)
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  Alpha Delta Pi  
blank Mrs. Harry D. Hopson (Patti)   Alpha Delta Pi  
Marilyn Lynch Mrs. Joe F. Lynch (Marilyn)
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  Kappa Alpha Theta **
Tina Melo Mrs. Thomas M. Melo (Tina Lundy)   Kappa Delta  
Kay Newman Mrs. B. A. Newman (Kay)
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  Delta Gamma  
Reynolds Mrs. George Reynolds (Sharon)
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  Delta Delta Delta  
blank Mrs. James H. Smith (Joyce)   Chi Omega **
Lisa S. Mrs. Edward Spieldenner (Lisa)   Gamma Phi Beta  


Betty Adams Mrs. Lee Adams (Betty)
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  Alpha Gamma Delta  
Suzanne Caldwell  Mrs. Steven F. Caldwell (Suzanne)   Delta Gamma **
blank Mrs. Edward deZevallos (Pam)   Alpha Omicron Pi  
Lyn Mrs. Thomas Y. Flynt, Jr. (Lyn)
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  Alpha Phi **
Debbie Harris Mrs. John Harris (Debbie)
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  Sigma Kappa  
Martha Hunt Mrs. James R. Hunt (Martha)
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  Zeta Tau Alpha  
Shirley Kraus Mrs. Herman A. Kraus (Shirley)
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  Alpha Gamma Delta  
Carol Lincoln Mrs. D. Howard Lincoln, Jr. (Carol)
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  Alpha Delta Pi  
blank Mrs. H. H. Shaffer (Vilate)   Kappa Kappa Gamma **
Sharon Shelton-Pease Mrs. Tim Shelton-Pease (Sharon)
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  Delta Zeta  
Pam Staples Mrs. Edwin A. Staples, II (Pam)
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  Kappa Delta  
blank Mrs. Jack Wigginton, Jr. (Patti)   Alpha Xi Delta  


Alice Barry Mrs. Norris W. Barry (Alice)   Delta Delta Delta  
  Mrs. Charles R. Dodds (Pattie)   Alpha Gamma Delta  
  Mrs. L. Scott Ernest (Sue)   Kappa Delta **
  Mrs. W. J. Hogan (Mary Evans)   Pi Beta Phi **
  Mrs. John S. Hollyfield (Penny)   Zeta Tau Alpha  
  Mrs. Robert M. Johnson (Mary Louise)   Alpha Omicron Pi  
  Mrs. Alfred E. Lauden (Renata)   Alpha Phi *
  Mrs. William C. Merritt (Norma)   Phi Mu **
Phyllis Prange Mrs. Victor H. Prange III (Phyllis)
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  Sigma Sigma Sigma  
  Mrs. Fredric M. Saunders (Gayle)   Chi Omega  
  Mrs. G. C. Siverson (Scotty)   Kappa Kappa Gamma **
  Mrs. Channing Williams (Peggy)   Alpha Chi Omega **


  Mrs. O. R. Cable, Jr. (Jane Ellen)   Zeta Tau Alpha **
  Mrs. James E. Crowther (Nancy)   Alpha Chi Omega  
  Mrs. Norman J. Cummings, Jr. (Zoe)   Alpha Xi Delta **
  Mrs. Karl V. Dick (Dorothy)   Delta Zeta **
  Mrs. W. Byron Garrett (Lucile)   Kappa Alpha Theta **
  Mrs. Phillip W. McDaniel (Mary Jane)   Gamma Phi Beta  
Nancy Patterson Mrs. H. B. Patterson (Nancy)
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  Phi Mu **
  Mrs. Groover Perry (Ruth)   Sigma Sigma Sigma *
  Mrs. R. D. Richards (Kay)   Delta Gamma **
  Mrs. Maurice A. Riordan (Billie)   Alpha Omicron Pi **
  Mrs. Thomas D. Rush (Marian)
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  Delta Gamma **
  Mrs. Thomas E. Ryan (Cora Jane)   Delta Delta Delta  
Kay Weed Mrs. Thomas H. Weed (Kay)
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  Alpha Delta Pi  


  Mrs. Roy P. Bennett (Justine)   Alpha Epsilon Phi *

Kitty Bracht
Ms. Kitty Bracht
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  Phi Mu **
  Mrs. C. C. Eckhoff (Bebe)   Alpha Gamma Delta **
  Mrs. Glen Hetherington (Jerre)   Kappa Delta **
  Mrs. Cedric R. Landon, Jr. (Sara Allen)   Pi Beta Phi **
  Mrs. James A. Reichert (Betsy)   Kappa Alpha Theta  
  Mrs. Sterling Wehner (Bette)   Gamma Phi Beta *
  Mrs. Francis G. Winters (Nell)   Alpha Delta Pi **


  Mrs. Joe Corman (Rika)   Alpha Epsilon Phi **
  Mrs. G. T. Frutiger (Marian)   Sigma Kappa **
  Mrs. H. P. McAlister (Jeanie)   Alpha Phi **
  Mrs. John Naschke (Gerrie)   Alpha Omicron Pi **
  Mrs. Jack C. Roberts (Betty)   Chi Omega **
  Mrs. Milton Schwartz (Betty Claire)   Delta Phi Epsilon **
  Mrs. C. W. Spradley (Jane)   Chi Omega **
  Mrs. Gregg C. Waddill (Jane)   Kappa Kappa Gamma **
  Mrs. John Wildenthal (Carolyn)   Delta Zeta  


  Mrs. David Bland (Trinka)   Kappa Alpha Theta  
  Mrs. Ralph C. Cooley, Jr. (Miriam)   Pi Beta Phi **
  Mrs. Arthur C. Fennekohl (Diane)   Kappa Kappa Gamma **
  Mrs. Ernest G. Hotze, (Margaret)   Alpha Gamma Delta  
  Mrs. Lester Kamin (Hortense)   Delta Phi Epsilon **
  Mrs. A. E. Makoski (Jean)   Sigma Kappa **
  Mrs. Arch B. Marshall (Marie)   Phi Mu **
  Ms. Mary Ann Maley   Alpha Delta Pi **
  Mrs. Charles R. Swain (GeGe)   Zeta Tau Alpha **
  Mrs. Leonard D. Waver (Willie)   Kappa Delta **
  Mrs. Julian Wood (Irene)   Sigma Sigma Sigma  



Mrs. Donald C. Barton (Margaret)

  Alpha Omicron Pi **
  Mrs. Robert C. Byars (Helen)   Delta Gamma **
  Mrs. C. L. Cron (Gladys)   Alpha Xi Delta **
  Mrs. Harold N. Fisk (Emma)   Alpha Chi Omega **
  Mrs. S. Marcus Greer (Margaret)   Delta Delta Delta **
  Mrs. Ernest B. Miller (Dorothy)   Zeta Tau Alpha *
  Mrs. L. F. Scherer (Lois)   Sigma Kappa *
  Mrs. C. F. Spangler (Helen)   Alpha Xi Delta **
* Moved out of town      
** Deceased      
  (Citation Members listed below Alphabetically)   
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Betty Leatherwood
Adams, Alpha Gamma Delta
  Betty Adams  
  Citation Member 1989  
Betty graduated from the University of Texas in1962 and that summer became involved in the Houston Alumnae Club of Alpha Gamma Delta.  She has served on most of the committees and in the elected offices of the club, including President from 1981-1983.  Ms. Adams also served as President and Treasurer of the House Association at Texas A&M, and has just finished several terms chairing the Philanthropy Committee of the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.  Ms. Adams wears the Arc of Epsilon Pi with Diamonds and Pearl.

Around 1970, Betty began attending HAPA monthly meetings.  She has represented Alpha Gamma Delta on the Executive Board and most recently as the Alternate Delegate.  Betty has also served on the HAPA Foundation Board and was elected a Citation Member in 1989.

Betty also belongs to the East Ft. Bend Panhellenic Association, is a Sustainer in the Fort Bend Junior Service League and an active member of the Charity Guild of Catholic Women.

Betty believes HAPA represents, supports, and encourages the Greek system, all of its members, and most of all, each other and all the respective sororities.  HAPA also has some of the best programs in the city.
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Sue Rayburn Brennig, Kappa Kappa Gamma
  Sue Brennig  
  HAPA President 1995-1996
HAPF President 2001-2002
Citation Member 1994
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 2004
A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sue attended Louisiana State University, acting as Kappa's Panhellenic Delegate from 1958-1960. 

She was a member of the London Panhellenic Association from 1964 through 1967, and served as Treasurer for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association (the only panhellenic alumnae association in London at the time). 

Sue was elected President of the Houston Kappa Alumnae Association (1999-2000) and President of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Charitable Foundation of Houston (2000-2001).  Beginning in 2001, Ms. Brennig has served on the National Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation as a member of the Development Committee.

Sue became active in HAPA in 1986 where she held the position of Second Vice President, followed by Recruitment Information Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, First Vice President, President (1995-1996), and Parliamentarian/Nominating Chair. 

She has served on the Foundation Board as Secretary, President (2001-2002), and Advisor.  Her many HAPA honors include selection as a Citation Member in 1994, as Honorary Board Member in 1998, and Honorary Board Member Emeritus in 2004.

Currently, Ms. Brennig is a Trustee for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation, serves as a Trustee for the Houston Junior Forum Endowment Fund Inc., and is a Eucharistic Minister at St. John Vianney Catholic Church.
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Lorie Matteson Coffelt, Alpha Delta Pi
  HAPA President 2011-2012
Citation Member 2014

Ms. Coffelt was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma where she joined Alpha Delta Pi. She received her "MRS." in 1963, by marrying her husband, Ron, a Petroleum Engineer. 

Life followed with a series of moves, the first to Huntington Beach, California where Lorie immediately joined an Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association to get acquainted. She was also a member of a large Junior Woman's Club in which she learned a lot about organizations. 

From California, Lorie and her husband moved to a company camp with twenty houses in rural Utah near the small town of Vernal. There were not many organizations there but she started a lifetime of Petroleum Wives’ Club volunteering. 

Next was Denver, where Lorie once again became involved with Alpha Delta Pi and the Petroleum Wives. Snyder and Midland, Texas were next on the list, followed by Rangely, Colorado, across the state line from where they had lived in Utah. 

The Coffelts arrived in Houston in July of 1980. Lorie soon found Alpha Delta Pi and began a long involvement which included serving as President, 1991-1993. Lorie has served as the Texas State President, 1998-2000 and the Texas A&M Chapter House Corporation President, 2008-2012. During this time, Lorie also worked as a substitute teacher for Katy ISD. 

Ms. Coffelt was named the Outstanding Texas State Alumna in 2002. In 2007 and 2011, Lorie received the Palmer Panhellenic Award for Contributions to Alumnae Panhellenics

Through the years she has also participated with other Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Associations that organized in the area, beginning by serving as Panhellenic Alternate Delegate in 2001 to Northwest Harris County Alumnae Panhellenic Association. In 2003 Lorie became the Delegate, stepping into the rotation as Treasurer, followed by President, 2005-2006. 

For many years Lorie served Alpha Delta Pi as a HAPA committee member, usually on the Bylaw Committee or the Membership Committee.  In 2006, Lorie joined the HAPA Board.  In the years following, she has served as Chairman of Bylaws, Programs, Recruitment Information, Nominating, and Community Service.  Lorie has held the offices of Second Vice President, First Vice President, and in 2011-2012, President. 

Ms. Coffelt’s membership in the Society of Petroleum Engineers Auxiliary has been equally long and involved. She has held office as Recording Secretary, Vice President, President and other offices for many years. Her favorite job was Chairman of the Offshore Technology Conference International Business Center where the group worked for more than thirty years earning an honorarium for their scholarship program. No awards here; just pride in a job well done! 

Lorie's daughter, Jennifer Coffelt Dumas, is also an Alpha Delta Pi, graduating from Texas A&M. Lorie's sister, Lynnie, is an Alpha Delta Pi, graduating from the University of Oklahoma.
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Connie K. Dalton, Phi Mu
  Connie Dalton  
  HAPA President 1997-1998
Citation Member 1999
When Connie Dalton and her husband, Cal, moved to Houston in 1988, she was grateful for the friendships and role models she found at HAPA.  She served on the board in different positions each year culminating with her rotation into the Presidency in 1997-98.

Ms. Dalton was distinguished as the Outstanding Phi Mu Alumni in Texas in 1998.  She also was a Nominee for Houston Sorority Alumni of the Year in 1998.  She was recognized as a HAPA Citation Member in 1999.

During the decade she was on the board, Connie and Cal had a daughter and a son.  She also found out her mother had been diagnosed with dementia.  After completing her year as Past President in 1999, Connie went off the board to spend more time helping with her parents and raising their children.

Presently, Connie is serving on the Board of Directors at Theatre Under the Stars and is the President of her Sunday School class at Chapelwood United Methodist Church.  She and Cal are active in The Racket Dance Club, Rice Leadership, and The Owl Club.  They also mentor three Rice PhD candidates from China.

In the past, Connie has served on the boards of Telfair Women’s Hospital, The Houston Red Cross Mash Bash Gala Committee, The Memorial Hermann Gala Committee, The Texas Medical Society Alliance, and Houston Christian High School PTSA.  She was in The National Charity League and is a sustainer in the Houston Junior League.

She enjoys organizing theme parties, discussing books with her book club, attending musical theatre, and adventurous vacations with her husband and family.
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Lyn (Eleanor) Horne Young Flynt, Alpha Phi
  HAPA President 1986-1987
HAPF President 1987-1988 and 2000-2001
Citation Member 1989
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 2000
Attending the University of Texas, Lyn joined Alpha Phi and has been a force ever since. She has held all offices in the Houston Alumnae Chapter, except Recording Secretary, and served twice as President (1972-1973 and 1997-1998).  On the national level for Alpha Phi, Lyn served as District Governor for six years, on the National Convention Committee twice, and on the National Nominating Committee.  In 2008, Lyn was awarded the Alpha Phi,
"Michaelanean Award", a national honor for outstanding service of an alumnae.

Lyn became active in HAPA in 1976 where she has chaired and co-chaired (some multiple times) numerous committees, including:  Bylaws, Community Service, Courtesy, Finance, Membership, Nominating, Programs, Publicity, Research & Education, Scholarship Selection, Social, and Ways & Means.  She has held all offices, except Recording Secretary, and served as HAPA President in 1986-1987. During her presidency, Lyn established the Style Show as part of the annual luncheon.  Lyn served as the first Luncheon Chairman and again as Co-Chairman of the luncheon in 2011.

Lyn's crowning achievement is the establishment of the HAP Foundation in 1987.  While HAPA was granting scholarships prior to this, Lyn's vision has taken the Foundation from awarding $2,500 in 1987, to giving as much as $50,500 in a single year.  Lyn had the idea for a Wine Tasting as a fundraiser for the Foundation, and along with many other volunteers, established the event as an annual affair.  She served as the Foundation's First President in 1987-1988, and again in 2000-2001. 

Lyn was named a Citation Member in 1989, an Honorary Board Member in 1994, and Honorary Board Member Emeritus in 2000.

In addition to HAPA and HAPF, Lyn is a longtime member of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
, and helped to establish the "Prime Timers" senior group.  Her interests include books, painting, and bridge.  She has always loved being involved with her church, neighbors, and the community.  

Lyn serves as a community leader by participation in DAR, UDC, Colonial Dames of the XVIII, Magic Circle Rep. Women's Club, Texas Fed. of Rep. Women, Nat. Fed. of Rep. Women, Memorial Park Garden Club, Lamar High School Alumnae Association, and as a Houston Junior League Patron.

Lyn has represented Alpha Phi in HAPA continually in one capacity or another for 36 years. She plans to be involved for many more years, serving on committees, in other ways as needed, and as an Honorary Board Member Emeritus.

Lyn Flynt Obituary
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Cathy Coers Frank, Chi Omega
  HAPF President 2004-2005
Citation Member 2014
Cathy was initiated into the Psi Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega at the University of Houston in 1979.  She served her chapter as assistant rush (now known as recruitment) chair and secretary.  "I always wanted to be the Panhellenic Delegate for XO, but the panhellenic meetings were on the same night as dance team practice," said Cathy.  So she's making up for that now!

Ms. Frank was dynamic on the UH campus as an undergraduate.  Her many memberships culminated in the "Outstanding Senior" award in 1980 at the University of Houston Spring Honors Convocation.

Cathy has been actively involved in HAPA and the HAP Foundation (HAPF) by holding numerous offices, chairing fundraisers, and chairing and serving on committees.  These include; Co-Chairman of the 2013 Annual Scholarship Luncheon, Co-Vice Chairman of the 2012 Luncheon, Scholarship Selection Chairman 2007-2008, Wine Tasting Chairman (for four consecutive years), Master of Ceremonies for the 2005 Luncheon, HAPF President 2004-2005, HAPF Recording Secretary, HAPF Corresponding Secretary, HAPF Trustee, Scholarship Selection Committee, Community Service Committee, Nominating Committee, and Wine Tasting Committee.

Cathy’s service as Program Chairman in 1998-1999 resulted in HAPA receiving a national award from the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) for Outstanding Programming for a large alumnae association.  Ms. Frank is a longtime donor to HAPA and HAPF, supporting the Scholarship Program, as well as Reading is Fundamental.  In addition, Cathy donates funds to many other philanthropies through financial support to fundraisers hosted by other Houston alumnae groups.  Currently, she represents the Houston Chi Omega Alumnae Association as the HAPA Delegate.

Besides HAPA, Cathy has served the Houston Chi Omega Alumnae Association since 1988 - she has served as President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President, Chi Omega Kaleidoscope Chairman, Eleusinian Chairman, Secretary, and Night Owls Chairman.  Ms. Frank was selected as the Chi Omega Houston Alumnae Woman of the Year in 2006.  She also serves on the board for The Center Houston, which is Chi Omega's local philanthropy.

She has served her initiating chapter as the Panhellenic Advisor since 1981 and celebrated 30 years of service in 2011 at the Eleusinian Banquet.  Cathy was a two-time recipient of the Advisor of the Year award given by the UH Campus Activities Department.

Her other love is the University of Houston.  Cathy was a Radio/TV Film major, graduating in 1980.  Her most recent accomplishment is that of Frontier Fiesta Belle - she was singled out for her long-time contributions to the University of Houston, the Alumni Association, and the UH students.  Cathy received the 2006 Distinguished Service Award from the UH Alumni Association. This is the second highest honor the University of Houston Alumnae Association can bestow upon a member.

Cathy is a Past President of the UH Young Alumni League, the UH School of Communication Alumni Association, and Past Homecoming Chair for the UH Alumni Association.  She continues to serve on various boards and associations, including the UH Alumni Association Board of Directors.  Cathy is a long-time donor to the Spirit of Houston (Cougar Marching Band), the UH Moores School of Music, UH Libraries, and UH Athletics.

Cathy loves sports - she has season tickets for UH football, UH men's basketball and UH women's basketball. She's an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan – during football season you can find her every Sunday cheering on the Steelers from her living room.

Cathy, and her husband Jay, own Reunions by Class Act.  The company is the only full-time high school reunion planner in the Houston area.  Her hobbies are running, collecting antiques, and working out.
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Mimi Gordon Hagedorn, Alpha Phi
  HAPA President 2005-2006
Citation Member 1999
Mimi has been active in HAPA since 1987, holding nearly every office as a Board Member and also serving many times as a Delegate for her sorority, Alpha Phi.  “I have enjoyed every minute of my Houston Alumnae Panhellenic experience, learning a lot, laughing a lot, and making good friends along the way”, she said recently.  Though active in many other organizations throughout her life, she is the most loyal to her work with HAPA and the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation.

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Mimi is an avid Cornhusker fan living deep in the heart of Texas.  She pledged Alpha Phi her freshman year and has been active in the Alpha Phi Alumnae organization, both on a national and local level.  She was Alumnae President of the Dallas chapter before moving to Houston, where she also was President.  Mimi served as the Alpha Phi District Governor for six years and then joined the Alpha Phi Foundation as a Trustee.

Just ending her second time serving as Recruitment Co-Chair of HAPA, over-seeing Recruitment Roundtable and the 2013 sorority new member lists for Houston from around the country, Mimi has served recently as the Alpha Phi Delegate, HAPF Bylaws Chairman, and HAPF Vice President.  Serving for six years on the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation, Mimi is delighted with the progress the Foundation has made since its inception in 1987.  Mimi was named a HAPA Honorary Board Member in 2015.
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Deborah (Debbie) Neinast Harris, Sigma Kappa
  Debbie Harris  
  HAPA President 1994-1995
Citation Member 1989
Debbie Harris graduated from Texas Tech University in 1973 with a degree in Microbiology and Chemistry.  Debbie was very active in Sigma Kappa at Texas Tech where she held numerous offices including her last position as Representative to the Collegiate Panhellenic at Tech.  After graduation, Debbie moved to Dallas where she was on the Dallas Panhellenic Board for two years.

Upon moving to Houston, Debbie became very active in the Sigma Kappa alumnae chapter and has held many positions including President for two years.  She became an active member of Houston Panhellenic following that as Sigma Kappa’s representative for many years.  She worked on numerous committees including Bylaws, Recruitment Information, and the Scholarship Selection committee which was her favorite.

Debbie was awarded the Citation Award in 1989 and became President of HAPA in 1994.  Along that pathway, she served as Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and First Vice President.  “Working with the dedicated and professional women of HAPA was one of the greatest times of my sorority career.”

Debbie received her sorority’s highest alumnae award, the Colby Award, in 2008 for not only her continuous work with Sigma Kappa, but also her contributions to the fields of Science and Education.  Following a career as a Research Microbiologist, Debbie began her second career as a Science teacher. She currently teaches Science at St. Francis Episcopal Day School.  She is a winner of the Presidential Award for Math and Science teaching bestowed by President George W. Bush.
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Elaine Herring, Alpha Delta Pi
  Elaine Herring  
HAPA President 1991-1992
Citation Member 1994
Elaine Herring became an Alpha Delta Pi member while she was a coed at the University of Houston.  Many of her closest friends today were ADPi members with her at U of H.  She has been an active alumna and has held numerous offices with her alumnae association through the years.  In 1987 the Houston Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association presented her with the Alumnae Certificate of Honor in recognition for her loyalty and service.  In 1995 she was the recipient of the District IV Alumnae Award for service to Alpha Delta Pi at the national convention.

Representing Alpha Delta Pi, Elaine first became a HAPA board member in 1989.  She not only served as president but also held many other offices.  At the suggestion of a HAPA member that we needed a catchy name for our newsletter, Elaine came up with What’s HAPAning! which is still used today.  Elaine was honored to become a Citation Member of HAPA in 1994.  Being a member of HAPA still remains a favorite memory of hers.  “Everyone is so friendly and hard working and also they are trying to be a good representative of their sorority.  All of which makes for a wonderful, successful organization.”

Though the years, Elaine has enjoyed actively participating and volunteering in many other areas, including her church, neighborhood, her children’s schools and activities, and the Ronald McDonald House.  Her main focus though has always been her family.
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Martha Brannon Hunt, Zeta Tau Alpha
  Martha Hunt  
  HAPF President 1990-1991
Citation Member 1989
Martha followed her degree at the University of Texas, Austin, with a short career as an advertising copywriter.  As a mostly full time homemaker, she has done free-lance writing for local publications.  Martha has been active in Bible study, on Young Life committees and the Houston Junior Forum.

She is a past-president of Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Alumnae Association, and has served on the boards of Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center, Houston Panhellenic Alumnae Association, the Anna K. Chase Foundation, The Women’s Christian Home (now The Women’s Center), The Trees of Hope, Brazos Presbyterian Homes and Presbyterian Pan American School in Kingsville.

Currently she serves on the Houston board of Hope International and is involved with Freedom Place, a home for under-age girls trapped in the sex-trade.  She has been a Moderator of a Presbyterian Cursillo weekend retreat and is currently a teacher of the Fellowship Class at Grace Presbyterian Church.

Martha, a native Houstonian, is married to Jim Hunt, retired as founder and CEO of North American Mortgage Company.  He now devotes his time to several Christian non-profits, including Fuller Theological Seminary, and Fuller Theological Seminary, Texas, and serves on the board of trustees of a local private bank.  He and Martha are both Elders of Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, where she has also recently been installed as a Deacon.

The best blessings in the Hunts’ life are their children:  John, who lives in Houston, and Kathy, who lives in Ft. Worth with her husband, Mark Paukune, and their two wonderful teenage children, Markham and Grace!
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Pam S. Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi
  Pam Jarrett   
  HAPA President 2008-2009
HAPF President 2011-2012, 2012-2013
Citation Member 2009

Pam S. Jarrett is a native Houstonian who graduated from Bellaire High School in 1968 and headed to the University of Texas at Austin where she was initiated into Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority.  During her undergraduate years she served her sorority as the Panhellenic Delegate and rotated into the Secretary position on the University Panhellenic Council representing Alpha Epsilon Phi in 1970.

She carries a very special feeling for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association and the Foundation.  Since her sorority does not have an alumni group in the Houston area, Pam has served as an Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority individual member Delegate for over twenty years.  She remarks often that from the first meeting she attended she was surrounded by warmth and sisterhood.  The women of HAPA/HAPF are all passionate about their work for this organization.  They display extraordinary energy and they have a moral obligation to accomplish great deeds that serve large causes.  The year Pam served as HAPA President representing her sorority was a banner one for Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority for they were celebrating their 100th year.

Reflecting on her journey in leadership roles that led to her rotating into the HAPA Presidency/HAPF Presidency are as follows:  St. Francis Episcopal Day School PTO President (1985), St. John’s School Parent’s Club Presidency (1992-1993), Episcopal High School Garage Sale Chairman (1994), Houston Junior Forum Resale Shop Chairman (1997-1999), President of the Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel (1999-2000), HAPA Community Service Chairmanship (2001-2003), HAPA Scholarship Selection Chairman (2003-2004), HAPA Historian (2004-2005), HAPA Treasurer (2006-2007), and HAPA First Vice President (2007-2008).

Following holding the office of HAPA President (2008-2009), Pam served as Parliamentarian/Nominating Committee Chairman (2009-2010), HAPA Recruitment Information Chairman (2010-2011), HAPA Bylaws Chairman (2011-2012), and HAPF President and Development Committee member (2011-2013).  Through these leadership roles Pam met the requirements to be considered a HAPA Citation Member and was honored by the HAPA membership to receive this award in 2009.

In 2010, Pam and her husband Alan, were selected as the Guests of Honor at the Annual HAPF Wine Tasting Event.  The Jarretts were joined by many friends and family members to celebrate the significant contributions they have made to Houston Panhellenic, as well as the Houston community.

Pam feels humbled by the innate gifts that power the ladies of HAPA/HAPF and how they have embraced an individual member like herself and encouraged her to serve as president in their organization; for they knew that they had to stand alongside becoming the heart and soul of an alumni group within an alumni group.

Recently, Pam served six years as a Trustee for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation, as a HAPA Delegate representing Alpha Epsilon Phi, and for the third time as Community Service Chairman.  Pam will serve as an Advisor to the Foundation next year and continue in her role as HAPA Delegate representing Alpha Epsilon Phi.  In 2015, Pam was selected as a HAPA Honorary Board Member.
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Polly Cox Kent, Chi Omega
  Polly Kent  
  HAPF President 2009-2010, 2010-2011
Citation Member 2014
Polly was initiated into Chi Omega in 1966 as a member of the Rho Epsilon Chapter at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Upon graduation from TCU in 1969, she moved to Houston and in 1971 received a Masters Degree from the University of Houston.  Polly and her husband, Joe, remained in Houston throughout their careers in oil and gas and power generation.

She has been a long time member of the Chi Omega Alumnae Association of Houston.  Polly served in many capacities including President of the Alumnae during 2004-2005.  She was named Alumna of the Year in 2008.

Polly also served as President of the Chi Omega Mothers’ Club of Greater Houston during 2002-2003.  She was Philanthropic Chair and organized their 2004 Scholarship Luncheon.  Polly’s daughter, Kendra, was initiated into the Rho Chapter of Chi Omega at Tulane University in New Orleans in 2000.

She began her service to the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation in 2007 serving as Corresponding Secretary.  She served as Silent Auction Chair for the annual Wine Tasting Event in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.  She was Development Committee Co-Chair for 2008-2009 and served two terms as President of the Foundation from 2009-2011.

For Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association, HAPA, Polly has served as Chi Omega Delegate during 2011-2012 and 2012-2113.  Currently, she is Co-Chair Recruitment for 2013-2014.

Polly and Joe Kent live in Galveston, where they are active members of Moody Methodist Church.  Polly is Vendor Chairman for the church’s annual Seaside Treasure Festival, a two day bazaar held on the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Also, Polly and Joe own and operate a mini-storage business on Galveston Island.
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Shirley Rose Kraus, Alpha Gamma Delta
  Shirley Kraus   
  HAPA President 1999-2000
Citation Member 1989
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 2010
Shirley became actively involved with Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association in the late 1960’s.  She quickly found a kinship of spirit with the other women.  She remarks, “Everyone works together in panhellenic, and that is why the organization is successful.  We are pulling together for one purpose.  I have always felt very comfortable around the other women.  They are a constant source of comfort and support who will stick by me through every challenge.”

Mrs. Kraus volunteers her time on numerous committees, including Bylaws, Community Service, Programs, Recruitment Information, Scholarship Selection, and Social.  She currently serves as a Delegate in addition to Honorary Board Member Emeritus.  Shirley is a Past HAPA President (1999-2000) and was distinguished as a Citation Member in 1989.  She became an Honorary Board Member in 2004, followed by standing as an "Emeritus" in 2010.

Shirley observes that every office and committee position is a challenge, nevertheless she has tried to leave her signature, carving out her niche, as she goes along.  The year she rotated off the Board and did not hold an office, she felt lost.  She realized panhellenic had become a part of her.  She made the decision to serve as a delegate so she could remain involved, and has held the position ever since.  Shirley explains, “Panhellenic service is a pleasure, one I thoroughly enjoy.”  Shirley asserts she takes her job very seriously. 

Her favorite HAPA events include Recruitment Roundtable (formerly called Rush Roundtable) and the annual Scholarship Luncheon.  Shirley is typically in charge of coordinating the models and organizing the fashion show for the luncheon. 

Shirley Rose Kraus became a member of Alpha Gamma Delta in the 1960’s when she was initiated into the Houston Alumnae Club.  She served as President of the Alpha Gamma Delta Houston Alumnae Club in 1971-73, and has been involved in innumerable offices and committees to the present.
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Sandy Shumate Lewis,
Zeta Tau Alpha
  Sandy Lewis  
  HAPF President 2014-2015
Citation Member 2014

Sandy is a native Houstonian who was initiated into the Gamma Omega Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha while attending the University of Houston.  Being really motivated to finish her college degree, she completed her degree requirements in 3 years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with a major in Mathematics.  The summer of the graduation year was a busy time for her.  Within a few months time, she graduated from college, got married, and started her teaching career as a middle school Math teacher. 

She first joined Deer Park Independent School District and later relocated to the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District.  After 8 years of teaching, Sandy changed direction and worked briefly for a personnel agency, finding jobs for bookkeepers and accounting clerks.  After a few more years, she changed directions again, becoming the Office Manager / Bookkeeper for her husband’s newly formed Commercial Real Estate firm.  As the company grew from 5 to over 30+ employees, and expanded to add a construction company and a property management company, Sandy got to retire when the company was sold after 15 years. 

uring the mid- 1990’s, Sandy began her active participation in the Houston Alumnae Association of Zeta Tau Alpha (HAA), serving in various capacities including being an advisor to the UH Gamma Omega chapter for Scholarship, Membership and “Rush”.  While her son, Chris, was a Sigma Chi at Texas A & M University, Sandy traveled to College Station each year during recruitment to assist the ZTA Theta Gamma chapter there. 

Supporting HAA, Sandy remained on the board for over 15 years rotating in and out of most of the board officer positions.  She served as Zeta Tau Alpha Houston Alumnae President twice, the first term in 2000 -2001 and a second term in 2006-2007.  At the state convention in 2000, Sandy was honored to receive the Zeta Lady Award for outstanding service to the fraternity.  In 2005 she was again honored to receive the Certificate of Merit Award from the Zeta Tau Alpha National Office for years of support, dedication, and service to Zeta Tau Alpha. 

Ms. Lewis became actively involved in Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association (HAPA) in 1999.  Since then, she has served several years on the HAPA board holding various positions including 2nd Vice President (twice), Social Chairman, Membership Chairman (twice), Scholarship Selection Vice Chairman, and Scholarship Selection Chairman in 2006.  In 2010, Sandy was elected as a Trustee for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation (HAPF).  As Trustee, she served as HAPF Treasurer (2011-2013) and Vice President (2013-2014). 

For the term of 2014-2015, Sandy will be honored to serve as the HAPF President.  The dedicated, hard working women of the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association and the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation have inspired and amazed her in their continuing quest to raise funds for scholarships for deserving Greek women.  The HAPF Mission Statement of helping young women in financial need rings true for all of these dedicated members. 

Ms. Lewis and her family are actively involved with Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) in Seabrook, Texas.  On most weekends, they can be found on their boat or in their townhome there, enjoying family and friends on the water.  Sandy’s husband, Drew, is the 2004 Past Commodore of LYC, while Sandy is the 2003 past President of the LYC Ladies Association. 

They both enjoy traveling to join friends in Vail, Colorado most summers, extending their time there as long as they can, while also planning a second (or third) “large” vacation each year with a select group of friends who they travel with as much as possible.  So far those travels have taken them to many destinations including Italy, Greece, France, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Germany, Canada and Alaska, just to name a few.  Asia, Australia, Africa and New Zealand are on the futures list. 

What you may not know about Ms. Lewis…she holds an active Real Estate Salesman’s license, is a grandmother to two boys, married her college sweetheart, and was the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi while she and Drew (Sigma Chi) were at the University of Houston.  At the same time, Drew was Zeta Man.  Both her Zeta BIG SIS and LITTLE SIS were also Sweethearts of Sigma Chi…There was quite a dynasty going at the time!

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Carol Lincoln, Alpha Delta Pi
  Carol Lincoln  
  Citation Member 1989  
Carol moved to Houston in 1971 and soon became happily entrenched in Alpha Delta Pi alumnae activities, holding almost every office and committee chair in the succeeding years.  She served two terms as President and also has been President and Trustee of the Houston Alpha Delta Pi Altruistic Association.  She was awarded the Alumnae Certificate of Honor in 1986 and in 1989 received Achievement Award for Outstanding Service, District IV (southwestern United States).  Carol also served as Secretary of the House Corporation Board of her own Delta Chapter at the University of Texas, Austin.

Entering the Houston Panhellenic arena in 1980, she accepted the position of Social Chairman.  In the following years she continued her board affiliation by serving as Rush Information Chairman (now Recruitment Information Chairman), Rush Chairman (now Recruitment Chairman), Parliamentarian, and two terms as Recording Secretary, in addition to various committee memberships.  She was named Citation Member in 1989.

Outside of her Greek activities (which have decreased since her move to Conroe), this busy alumna deals in antiques, participating in antique shows statewide.  She now substitutes sailing with her husband for flying her airplane.  And, although her tennis playing time has diminished, her love for tennis has not; it has taken her to every Grand Slam tournament at least once.  Carol volunteers her Mondays to her church where she assists the office staff.  Many other pursuits, including duplicate bridge, rug hooking, and her favorite - interacting with four energetic granddaughters - round out her active life.
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Cathy Lorino, Gamma Phi Beta
  Cathy Lorino  
  Citation Member 2009  
  Cathy Lorino, a native Texan, moved to Houston in 1966, after graduating from Texas Tech with a BA in English.  A legacy, she happily followed her sister into Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and was initiated in 1963.  During her undergraduate years, she actively participated in sorority activities and leadership positions.

Knowing that sisterhood is for a lifetime, Cathy became active in the Houston Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae Chapter in 1974.  Over the years her involvement included everything from Newsletter Editor to President.  At the state level, she served as Province Alumnae Director of Texas, International Area Foundation Development Director of Texas, and 2000 International Convention Volunteer Coordinator.  Gamma Phi Beta honored her for service on the local level with the IIKE award and the International Merit Award.  At Founders Day in 2013, she received a pin celebrating fifty years as a Gamma Phi Beta.

In 1992, Cathy was asked to serve on the HAPA Recruitment Committee, which was the beginning of many friendships and happy years working with her Panhellenic sisters.  Besides being Gamma Phi Beta’s HAPA Delegate, she served on its board and committees, which included Co-Chair and Chair of the Recruitment Information Committee, and Co-Chair and Chair of the Recruitment Committee.  She also served the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation as a member of the board and as Vice President.

Cathy is honored to have been an active member of HAPA and HAPF and having the opportunity to serve with so many outstanding, dedicated, and philanthropic sorority women.   She is further honored to have been selected for the 2009 HAPA Citation Award and the Gamma Phi Beta Beatrice Locke Hogan International Award for Outstanding Service to Panhellenic.

Cathy and Joe married in 1970 and have three children, which includes two daughters, a son and his wife, and two beautiful granddaughters.  Since coming to Houston, Cathy has been a stay-at-home mom, husband’s office bookkeeper, and parent resource coordinator, while holding various volunteer positions primarily in the public schools, Gamma Phi Beta, and IDA (The International Dyslexia Association).

When their children left for college, she embarked on a fifteen year career at Neuhaus Education Center, where as Parent Resource Coordinator she talked to parents of struggling readers.  Upon retirement in 2007, she became a member of Neuhaus Board of Trustees serving as board secretary and chair of the Advocacy Committee.  As an extension to her work, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the Houston Branch of IDA (The International Dyslexia Association) where she served in many offices including President.  Currently she is on the Advisory Council and serves on the film committee and chairs the awards and events speakers committees.

Cathy is now retired, but maintains her interest in building girls into strong women, literacy education for children and adults, and educating parents and teachers about dyslexic readers and how they need to be taught in order to learn to read.  She enjoys time with her husband, children, and grandchildren, family holidays, luncheons with friends, having time to read anything and everything, and sunsets over Galveston Bay.
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Marilyn Chesher Lynch, Kappa Alpha Theta
  Marilyn Lynch  
  HAPA President 1992-1993
HAPF President 1995-1996
Citation Member 1994
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 2002
As a Kappa Alpha Theta, Marilyn attended Texas Tech University, later graduating from Texas Christian University.

Ms. Lynch was an active alumnae member of Theta, serving as Houston Alumnae Chapter President and Chairman of the Theta Charities Antique Show.  Marilyn served as a District Officer for Theta for twenty years, working as Director of Alumnae Recruitment Personnel and National President of the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.  The Theta Foundation named a scholarship in her honor.

Marilyn became active in HAPA in the late 1980's and served as Delegate, Program Chairman, Research & Education Chairman, Treasurer, First Vice President, President (1992-1993), Foundation Trustee, Anna K. Chase Foundation President (1995-1996), and Citation Selection Chairman.  Marilyn was named a Citation Member in 1994, Honorary Board Member in 1996, and in 2002 was distinguished as an Honorary Board Member Emeritus.

During her Presidency, Marilyn and several other volunteers, working with the Spring Branch School District, established the "Reading is Fundamental" program at Spring Branch Elementary School.  For over twenty years, HAPA has helped fund the purchase of books that are given to needy students.  Volunteers donate their time to distribute the books, read to the children, and help the librarian, as needed.  Marilyn continued to be a passionate advocate for RIF.

Marilyn was a member of the Houston Junior Forum and served as the Sustainer President.  Marilyn worked with Junior Forum International as the JFI Expansion Chairman, helping to establish a new chapter called the Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum in 1982.  She was also active in PEO (the Philanthropic Education Organization).

(CLICK HERE for Marilyn Lynch obituary)
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Berry Moore, Zeta Tau Alpha
  HAPA President 1993-1994
Citation Member 1999
Carolyn Moore attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, pledging the Lambda Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha in 1944.  Carolyn eventually transferred to the University of Houston, graduating in 1947.

Carolyn married in 1948 and the couple moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  While living in Baton Rouge in 1959, Ms. Moore was a co-founder of the Delta Kappa chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha at LSU.

After returning to Houston, Carolyn obtained a Masters degree in Counseling and Guidance.  This lead to employment as a Counselor for the Houston Independent School Distinct until her retirement in 1988.

Carolyn was twice President of the Zeta Tau Alpha Houston Alumnae Association.  The first term in 1950-1951 and again in 1996-1997.  She served as President of the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association in 1993-1994 and was named a Citation Member in 1999.

Other interests include membership in the Junior League of Houston, Inc., and St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, in which she is a very active and enthusiastic participant.

Speaking of her long involvement in HAPA, Carolyn has enjoyed forming friendships with women from many different sororities.  She regards the scholarship program, in which hundreds of scholarships have been given to deserving young women, as the cornerstone of success for the organization.
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Kay Morgenroth Newman, Delta Gamma
  Kay Newman   
  HAPA President 1993-1994
HAPF President 2002-2003

Citation Member 1999
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 2009
Graduating from The University of Texas with a BBA degree and then earning a master’s degree from the University of Houston, Kay became a Delta Gamma, as an alumnae initiate, at Baylor University in 1979. 

She has been an active Delta Gamma alumnae member serving as  first vice president of Houston Delta Gamma Foundation and currently, and for many years, serving as an advisory trustee, as well as, a member of the  DG, Gamma Sigma House Corporation Board, University of Houston.  Kay has served in a number of positions, Houston Alumnae DG Chapter, receiving both the Stellar and Cable Awards. 

Kay Newman was honored in 2018 with The Oxford Award, which recognizes, "An alumna who takes pride in her community and who, through the years, devotes her time and talents to improving the quality of life around her.  Kay exemplifies the Delta Gamma philosophy of service, and the motto to DO GOOD.”

Kay started her involvement with HAPA in 1983 when she served as Courtesy Committee vice-chair and alternate delegate, and has never missed a year through the present time, serving either as an officer, committee chairman/ vice chairman/ member, or delegate. 

Highlights in those continuous years of service regarding offices and committee chairmen are:  Historian, Ways and Means (twice), Scholarship Selection, Courtesy, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Program, Reading is Fundamental, Treasurer, First Vice-President, President (1998-99), Parliamentarian, and Membership. 

During her HAPA presidency, the HAPA website was formed to further our collective educational and philanthropic missions.  Kay has served a number of years and currently is a Trustee on the HAPF (Foundation) Board, as Vice President (2001-02) and as President (2002-03).  She was named a Citation Member in 1994, Honorary Board Member in 2003, and Honorary Board Member Emeritus in 2009.
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Nancy Patterson, Phi Mu
  Nancy Patterson  
  HAPA President 1978-1979
Citation Member 1979
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 1997
Nancy attended Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, and graduated from the University of Houston.  A member of Phi Mu, she has served as President of the Houston Phi Mu Alumnae Association.

She became active in HAPA in 1972, holding every office except Recording Secretary.  She was President of HAPA during the 1978-1979 term.  Her favorite office was that of Social Chairman.  Nancy has served on the Foundation Board.

Nancy was instrumental in securing Westminster UMC as a meeting place in the 1980's.  This was HAPA's home for over twenty years.  Nancy was named a Citation Member in 1979.

Her fondest HAPA memories include when she was named an Honorary Board Member (1991), followed by Honorary Board Member Emeritus (1997).  She is keenly aware that the money raised for scholarships really makes a difference in the lives of the recipients.

In recognition of the enduring friendships (50+ years) she has made through HAPA, Nancy's favorite phrase is, “A HAPA sister is one of the nicest things that can happen to anyone.

(CLICK HERE for Nancy Patterson obituary)

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Toni Post, Delta Zeta
  Toni Post   
  HAPF President 2013-2014
Citation Member 2014
Toni grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, pledging Delta Zeta, Sigma Chapter, as a freshman at LSU.  As an Active in Delta Zeta she served in various offices and chairmanships and as the DZ delegate to an inter sorority.  Toni graduated from LSU with a BA in Music.  Moving to Houston after graduation, Toni pursued a career in the oil and gas industry with Shell Oil Company.  After retiring from her position with Shell, she continued to work in the industry as a consultant and as manager of the mineral interests for a small, family-owned company for several more years.

In the early 1970s Toni joined and became active in the Houston Delta Zeta Alumnae Chapter, serving in many offices including president and as chairman of several fund-raising events.  She received the Mary Margaret Fore Province Alumna Service Award in 1992 and the Delta Zeta National Achoth Award for Alumna Service in 2000.  Toni became actively involved with HAPA as Ways & Means Co-Vice Chair in 2006-07 and then as Co-Chair in 2007-08.  In these two co-chairmanships she had the pleasure of serving with fellow Baton Rougeon and LSU graduate, Sherry St. Aubin. 
Toni has served as Chairman of Research & Education and Bylaws and has particularly enjoyed serving on the Scholarship Selection Committee.  She was elected to serve as a Trustee of the Foundation in 2008 and has served as Corresponding Secretary, and then Treasurer for two years, and as Vice President.  When Toni became involved in HAPA, she was struck by the camaraderie of the organization, the leadership displayed, the enthusiastic response of the members to calls for volunteers, and the members’ commitment to carrying out the tasks at hand. 

HAPA’s members are truly remarkable women who are an inspiration to all.  The fruits of their labor are amazing in that such a small organization has raised funds for so many scholarships over the years.  In addition to her HAPA and HAPF involvement, Toni works one day a week at Angela House and has done so for the past ten years, and is on the Board of the Houston Youth Symphony, serving as Secretary.  She is also active in various ministries at St. Cecilia Catholic Community.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling, gardening and cooking.
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Phyllis Marie Prange, Sigma Sigma Sigma
  Phyllis Prange   
  HAPA President 1988-1989
Citation Member 1984
Honorary Board Member Emeritus 2008

Phyllis attended the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University.  She has been active in HAPA beginning in 1972.  Phyllis has served in most of the board positions and held the office of President in 1988-1989.

Phyllis was recognized as a Citation Member in 1984, followed by Honorary Board Member in 2002, and Honorary Board Member Emeritus in 2008.  She has served as the Anna K. Chase  President.  Most recently, Phyllis served as a Trustee for the Foundation.

Locally, Phyllis has served as Alumnae President and most other board positions in the Houston Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  She received the "Sigma Sigma Sigma Alumnae of the Region" Award in 1989 and Alumnae Recognition Award in 1989.... both national awards.  She also served on the House Corporation for the collegiate chapter at Sam Houston State University.  Phyllis was on the installation team for this chapter in 2002.

Phyllis has been a national officer in Sigma Sigma Sigma, serving as Alumnae Panhellenic Coordinator for nine years.  In this office, she received reports from Sigma Alumnae Panhellenic Delegates in 65 cities.

Phyllis was the Sigma Sigma Sigma National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Second Alternate Delegate for six years.  Her job during her NPC years was to be the Area Advisor for Central Texas Alumnae Panhellenics.  She also served on the NPC Collegiate Awards Committee.
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Sharon Smith Reynolds, Delta Delta Delta
  Sharon Reynolds  
  HAPA President 1990-1991
Citation Member 1994
joined Tri Delta at Texas Christian University in 1962 and has been actively involved in the Houston area alumnae activities since 1974.  She served twice as President of the Braes Bayou Alumnae and once as President of the Houston Alumnae Chapter.  From 1976 to 1988 she served in various national positions for Delta Delta Delta.

For over ten years, Sharon served HAPA on various committees, as Panhellenic Delegate, in HAPA rotation for President, and as an Anna K. Chase Foundation Trustee.

In 1997 Houston Delta Zeta Alumnae named her “Houston Sorority Alumna of the Year”.
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Sherry Stagg St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
  Sherry St. Aubin  
  HAPA President 2013-2014
Citation Member 2014
Sherry was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Louisiana State University.  Sherry pledged the same Zeta Tau Alpha chapter her sister, Sandy, helped colonize in 1959.  Sherry served the Delta Kappa chapter as Rush (now called Recruitment) Chairman.

In the summer of 1964, Sherry was juggling preparation for Fall Rush, Student Union Chairman, and nine hours of course work.  To this day, she remembers that time whenever she begins to feel overwhelmed with commitments.  Sherry can look back and say to herself, “Given I survived that summer, I can handle whatever I have gotten myself into now!”

While enjoying a graduate assistantship in the campus computing center, Sherry worked on a Masters in Business Administration, dropping out before getting her MBA.  Sherry detested writing papers and the remaining courses required a lot of BIG papers.  Instead she took her 18 months of computing experience (much more marketable than a straight math degree) and started interviewing for a real job.

During her early years working for Exxon in Baton Rouge, she was active in Zeta Tau Alpha as the Louisiana State Recommendations Chairman and Chapter Advisor to the LSU Zeta chapter.  Sherry remembers this time as one of the best experiences she has had as an alumna, working with a strong group of advisors and developing lifelong friendships.

Sherry met her husband, Rolland, at the Exxon Baton Rouge Refinery where he was a Chemical Engineer.  They married in 1975.  The couple worked for Exxon, living in Venezuela, Baton Rouge, and finally moving to Houston in 1978.  Sherry’s career at ExxonMobil was all in computing organizations, first as a Programmer and then an Information Systems Manager.  Sherry saw this as an opportunity to use her technical skills and also develop her organizational skills while serving the business.  It was a perfect match for her abilities.  After 33 years working for ExxonMobil, Sherry retired in 2003.

Since arriving in Houston, the St. Aubins have had four different homes, including ten years residing in Baytown, and now living in a high rise condo.  Sherry continued to pay her alumnae dues, but dropped out of active sorority life until she retired.  There were several years when Sherry was on the road for business almost weekly and her time for volunteer service was extremely limited.

Upon retiring, Sherry had several goals.  The first goal to be acted upon was to get involved again in ZTA activities.  The month after retirement, she attended a ZTA alumnae meeting.  Marcy Cann (who she had known at LSU) immediately asked her to be on the alumnae board as the next year’s Service Chairman, in addition to helping as the Treasurer for the first Think Pink! Luncheon.  She has continued on the Houston Alumnae Association of ZTA Board ever since, serving as Program Chairman, Service Chairman, and Panhellenic Delegate.  In 2010, Sherry was awarded the Alumnae Certificate of Merit from Zeta Tau Alpha National.

For HAPA, Sherry joined with fellow LSU graduate, Toni Post, Delta Zeta, in Co-Vice Chairing the 2007 Annual HAPA Scholarship Luncheon, followed by Co-Chairing the 2008 Luncheon.  She was a Trustee of the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation for three years and served on the HAPF Development Committee.  For two years she was the ZTA Delegate to HAPA.  Other offices held include Treasurer and First Vice President.

In 2011, Sherry and Rolland were asked to be the Guests of Honor at the Annual HAPF Wine Tasting Event.  Family members, friends, and many ZTA women  were on hand to celebrate the occasion.  A group of women from the Delta Kappa chapter at LSU traveled to Houston to share in the festivity.

In 2010, Anna Riseden, HAPA President, asked Sherry to serve as a “Super Delegate” mentoring delegates serving for the first time.  Looking back, she reflects how fortunate she was to get to know something about HAPA before she took on responsibility for representing ZTA as a delegate.  The breadth of activities can be daunting to keep track of, or understand, when you are new to the organization.  Serving as a super delegate/mentor allowed her to share some of her knowledge with the newer delegates to make their year more rewarding, with time to make new friends while also representing their sorority.

Another interest of Sherry’s is bridge.  She learned the game as a child from her parents and has always loved playing it.   Sherry has played monthly for almost 30 years with a group of women who she met through ExxonMobil.  They continue to play together.  As a retiree with more time available, Sherry has joined several other bridge groups.

Beginning in 2005, the St. Aubins began to take at least one big trip each year, traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Mediterranean and Baltic waters, Great Britain and Ireland, and more recently, a cruise from Rome to Great Britain.

Sherry has one daughter, Sharon, a Political Science graduate from St. Edwards University, son-in-law James Rossie, and two grandchildren named James and Sabrina.  Grandparenting has become one of Sherry and Rolland’s favorite leisure time activities.
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Patricia Gres Shuford, Pi Beta Phi
  HAPA President 2000-2001
Citation Member 2009
Ms. Shuford was initiated into the New Mexico Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi at the University of New Mexico in 1967.  She graduated in 1970.  After college Pat worked in the commercial design field for five years.  She is a licensed Interior Designer and accredited by NCIDQ.  Until she retired three years ago, Pat co-owned Parker School Uniforms along with her husband for twenty years.

Pat has been an active member of the Houston Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club since 1974, having served as a board member in various positions for over 29 years (including President of the Junior Group).  She has also served on the Houston Pi Beta Phi Foundation for the past seven years; currently serving as Vice-President and rotating into the Presidency for 2014-2016.

Pat was involved with Panhellenic for ten years, serving on the Executive Board of HAPA for five years (Treasurer, Vice President, President (2000-2001), Parliamentarian, and Historian) and as a Trustee on the Foundation for two terms (Secretary and Vice President).  Pat also served on the Social, Ways & Means, Recruitment, Scholarship Selection, and Bylaws Committees throughout those ten years.  In 2009, Pat was selected as a Citation Member.

Ms. Shuford is a member of Chapelwood Methodist Church where she is involved in the kitchen and Panda Path ministry.  She also volunteers her time to the Spring Branch Schools Mentoring Program.  In past years, Pat was active in the Houston Junior Forum, the Heritage Society, and PTA (having served as President of Memorial Drive Elementary, and on the executive boards of Spring Branch Middle, and Memorial High School).

Pat’s involvement and interest in Panhellenic started in her college years where she served as President of the Panhellenic Council of the University of New Mexico.  Pat asserts she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful, organized, hard working and devoted group of women in HAPA.

Due to their efforts, HAPA received the “Outstanding Alumnae Panhellenic Award” from the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) in 2001.  This award is only bestowed biannually.  HAPA was singled out for this highest of honors from hundreds of alumnae panhellenics across the country.
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Pam Barton Staples, Kappa Delta
  Pam Staples   
  HAPF President 1991-1992, 1992-1993
Citation Member 1989
Honorary Board Member 2010
Pam joined Kappa Delta at Texas Christian University in 1966, and has been actively involved since then.

She has held numerous offices in her alumnae chapter and served as President from '75-'76 and '80-'82.  She was awarded The Most Loyal KD by The Texas State Association in 1986.

On the national level, Pam served as Province Alumnae Officer for Texas from '87-'91.  She was presented with The Order of the Emerald in 1992 for outstanding contributions to the sorority.  In 2003, she endowed an annual $2,000 panhellenic scholarship for upperclassmen.

In addition, Pam has been actively involved on the collegiate level.  She served on the Alumnae Advisory Board for her sorority's chapter at Houston Baptist University for ten years.  She was present at the installation of chapters at HBU, The University of Texas, and Texas A&M University.

Pam has represented Kappa Delta for thirty five years in some official capacity in HAPA.  She was Chairman of The Sorority Sampler in 1985 (the panhellenic charity fundraiser at the time) and Editor of The Greek Information Line from '86-'87, which had over 500 national subscriptions, and was the fundraising effort of HAPA to raise monies for annual scholarships prior to the creation of the Foundation . 

In her service to HAPA, she chaired the annual Luncheon in 1990 and the Citation Selection Committee in 1994.  Pam was presented with The Citation Award for continuous service in 1989.  In 2010, Pam was named an Honorary Board Member.

Pam held the office of President of The Anna K. Chase Foundation from '91-'93, and served two terms as a Trustee of The Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation.  During this time, she was Vice-President and then Corresponding Secretary.

Pam is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church.  She gives back to her community by serving on the Board of The Houston Ballet Guild and on the Nutcracker Market Committee.  She is also a member of The Executive Committee of The Emerald Circle, providing scholarships and program support for The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council.
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Sharon Kelley Shelton-Pease, Delta Zeta
  Sharon Shelton-Pease   
  HAPA President 1989-1990
Citation Member 1989
Honorary Board Member 2010
Sharon Shelton-Pease was named a Citation Member in 1989 and was recognized as an Honorary Board Member in 2010.  She served as HAPA President in 1989-1990.  Currently, Sharon serves on the Foundation Board as Corresponding Secretary. 

Her past offices include HAPF Treasurer and Scholarship Selection Chairman.  In 2012, Sharon and her husband Tim, were asked to be the Guests of Honor at the Annual HAPF Wine Tasting Event.  She is a graduate of Louisiana State University.
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Kay Dyche Weed, Alpha Delta Pi
  Kay Weed  
  HAPF President 1988-1990
Citation Member 1979
Kay attended The University of Texas at Austin, where she became a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Since her graduation in 1958, she has been an active alumna.  She was the Houston Alumnae HAPA Delegate and Board Member for six years and President from 1975-1977.  She was Secretary and Awards Chair of the Texas State Alumnae Association.

On the National level, she was named Outstanding Regional Alumna in 1983.  Also in that year she became Charter President of the newly formed Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, serving until 1991.  She was then appointed Foundation Manager/Executive Director, retiring from that position in 2003.  She currently serves as the Foundation Investment Chair.  In 2011, Kay received the National Mary Bull Mason Outstanding Alumnae Achievement Award.

Over the years, Kay has worked on fund drives for the Houston Symphony, Ballet, Grand Opera, and Museum of Fine Arts; chaired the Notification and Anniversary Style Show committees of the Houston Bar Association Auxiliary; and volunteered on committees for her daughters’ schools.

Her most intense local involvement was with the Heritage Society between 1974 and 1983, where she was Docent Chair, Membership Chair, Vice President and President/Chair of the Board.  During that time, she was the first volunteer selected as a participant in the four- week Seminar for Historical Museum Administration in Williamsburg, VA.  She was one of ten members of the American Association of Museums Ad Hoc Committee to review guidelines for accreditation of Historic Sites.
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