Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association


  HBM and HBME 1-1-10  
  From left to right:  HBME Sharon Shelton-Pease, Delta Zeta,
HBME Nancy Patterson, Phi Mu, HBME Phyllis Prange, Sigma Sigma Sigma,
HBME Pam Staples, Kappa Delta, HBME Sue Brennig, Kappa Kappa Gamma,
HBME Marilyn Lynch, Kappa Alpha Theta, HBME Lyn Flynt, Alpha Phi,
HBME Kay Newman, Delta Gamma, HBME Shirley Kraus, Alpha Gamma Delta


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Honorary Board Members Emeritae and Honorary Board Members have contributed continuous, exceptional, and unselfish service and leadership to the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association.  A person accorded this highest of honors shall have maintained participation in HAPA for a minimum of twenty years. 

Honorary Board Members Emeritae and Honorary Board Members serve in an active advisory capacity to the Executive Board, drawing upon their combined experience to provide advice and continuity to the panhellenic body.



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(Listed alphabetically)


  Sue Brennig (Mrs. Charles C., Jr.)   Kappa Kappa Gamma  
  Shirley Kraus (H.A.)   Alpha Gamma Delta  
  Kay Newman (B.A.)   Delta Gamma  
  Phyllis Prange (Mrs. Victor H. III)   Sigma Sigma Sigma  
  Sharon Shelton-Pease
(Mrs. Tim Pease)
  Delta Zeta  
  Pam Staples   Kappa Delta  


  Susan Banks (Mrs. Paul G.)   Gamma Phi Beta  
  Mimi Hagedorn (Barry)   Alpha Phi  
  Pam Jarrett (Mrs Alan)   Alpha Epsilon Phi  
  Candace Turner  (Mrs. Weems)   Phi Mu  
  Connie Zieba (Mrs. John David)   Alpha Gamma Delta  


  Gladys Cron ( C. L.)   Alpha Xi Delta **
  Lyn Flynt (Thomas Y., Jr.)   Alpha Phi **
  Marilyn Lynch (Joe F.)   Kappa Alpha Theta **
  Nancy Patterson (Mrs. H.B. "Pat")   Phi Mu **
  Betty Claire Schwartz (Milton)   Delta Phi Epsilon **
  Gladys Selig (August L.)   Alpha Gamma Delta **


  Eveline Woodruff (W. S.)   Kappa Alpha Theta **
  Emma Fisk (Harold N.)   Alpha Chi Omega **
  Jane Waddill (Gregg C.)   Kappa Kappa Gamma **
      ** Deceased


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(Listed in order of becoming HBME or HBM)
Past Honorary Board Member Emerita

Nancy Patterson, Phi Mu
  Nancy Patterson  
Nancy attended Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, and graduated from the University of Houston.  A member of Phi Mu, she has served as President of the Houston Phi Mu Alumnae Association.

She became active in HAPA in 1972, holding every office except Recording Secretary.  She was President of HAPA during the 1978-1979 term.  Her favorite office was that of Social Chairman.  Nancy has served on the Foundation Board.

Nancy was instrumental in securing Westminster UMC as a meeting place in the 1980's.  This was HAPA's home for over twenty years.  Nancy was named a Citation Member in 1979.

Her fondest HAPA memories include when she was named an Honorary Board Member (1991), followed by Honorary Board Member Emeritae (1997).  She is keenly aware that the money raised for scholarships really makes a difference in the lives of the recipients.

In recognition of the enduring friendships (50+ years) she has made through HAPA, Nancy's favorite phrase is, “A HAPA sister is one of the nicest things that can happen to anyone.

(CLICK HERE for Nancy Patterson obituary)

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Past Honorary Board Member Emerita

Lyn (Eleanor) Horne Young Flynt, Alpha Phi

Attending the University of Texas, Lyn joined Alpha Phi and has been a force ever since. She has held all offices in the Houston Alumnae Chapter, except Recording Secretary, and served twice as President (1972-1973 and 1997-1998). On the national level for Alpha Phi, Lyn served as District Governor for six years, on the National Convention Committee twice, and on the National Nominating Committee. In 2008, Lyn was awarded the Alpha Phi, "Michaelanean Award", a national honor for outstanding service of an alumnae.

Lyn became active in HAPA in 1976 where she has chaired and co-chaired (some multiple times) numerous committees, including: Bylaws, Community Service, Courtesy, Finance, Membership, Nominating, Programs, Publicity, Research & Education, Scholarship Selection, Social, and Ways & Means. She has held all offices, except Recording Secretary, and served as HAPA President in 1986-1987. During her presidency, Lyn established the Style Show as part of the annual luncheon. Lyn served as the first Luncheon Chairman and again as Co-Chairman of the luncheon in 2011.

Lyn's crowning achievement is the establishment of the HAP Foundation in 1987. While HAPA was granting scholarships prior to this, Lyn's vision has taken the Foundation from awarding $2,500 in 1987, to giving as much as $70,500 in a single year.  Lyn had the idea for a Wine Tasting as a second fundraiser for the Foundation, and along with many other volunteers, established the event as an annual affair. She served as the Foundation's First President in 1987-1988, and again in 2000-2001.  She is the only Foundation President to hold this office twice.

Lyn was named a Citation Member in 1989, an Honorary Board Member in 1994, and Honorary Board Member Emeritae in 2000.  In 2016, Lyn was the Guest of Honor at the annual Wine Tasting Event.

In addition to HAPA and HAPF, Lyn is a longtime member of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, and helped to establish the "Prime Timers" senior group. Lyn was the Community Ministry Leader for several years, a job she thoroughly enjoyed.  Her interests include books, painting, and bridge. She has always loved being involved with her church, neighbors, and the community.

Lyn serves as a community leader by participation in DAR, UDC, Colonial Dames of the XVIII, Magic Circle Rep. Women's Club, Texas Fed. of Rep. Women, Nat. Fed. of Rep. Women, Memorial Park Garden Club, Lamar High School Alumnae Association, and as a Houston Junior League Patron.

Lyn has represented Alpha Phi in HAPA continually in one capacity or another for 40 years. She plans to be involved for many more years, serving on committees, in other ways as needed, and as an Honorary Board Member Emeritae.

CLICK HERE for Lyn Flynt Obituary

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Past Honorary Board Member Emerita

Marilyn Chesher Lynch, Kappa Alpha Theta
  Marilyn Lynch   
As a Kappa Alpha Theta, Marilyn attended Texas Tech University, later graduating from Texas Christian University.

Ms. Lynch was an active alumnae member of Theta, serving as Houston Alumnae Chapter President and Chairman of the Theta Charities Antique Show.  Marilyn served as a District Officer for Theta for twenty years, working as Director of Alumnae Recruitment Personnel and National President of the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.  The Theta Foundation named a scholarship in her honor.

Marilyn became active in HAPA in the late 1980's and served as Delegate, Program Chairman, Research & Education Chairman, Treasurer, First Vice President, President (1992-1993), Foundation Trustee, Anna K. Chase Foundation President (1995-1996), and Citation Selection Chairman.  Marilyn was named a Citation Member in 1994, Honorary Board Member in 1996, and in 2002 was distinguished as an Honorary Board Member Emeritae.

During her Presidency, Marilyn and several other volunteers, working with the Spring Branch School District, established the "Reading is Fundamental" program at Spring Branch Elementary School.  For over twenty years, HAPA has helped fund the purchase of books that are given to needy students.  Volunteers donate their time to distribute the books, read to the children, and help the librarian, as needed.  Marilyn continued to be a passionate advocate for RIF.

Marilyn was a member of the Houston Junior Forum and served as the Sustainer President.  Marilyn worked with Junior Forum International as the JFI Expansion Chairman, helping to establish a new chapter called the Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum in 1982.  She was also active in PEO (the Philanthropic Education Organization).

(CLICK HERE for Marilyn Lynch obituary)
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Honorary Board Member Emerita

Sue Rayburn Brennig, Kappa Kappa Gamma
  Sue Brennig   
A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sue attended Louisiana State University, acting as Kappa's Panhellenic Delegate from 1958-1960. 

She was a member of the London Panhellenic Association from 1964 through 1967, and served as Treasurer for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association (the only panhellenic alumnae association in London at the time). 

Sue was elected President of the Houston Kappa Alumnae Association (1999-2000) and President of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Charitable Foundation of Houston (2000-2001).  Beginning in 2001, Ms. Brennig has served on the National Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation as a member of the Development Committee.

Sue became active in HAPA in 1986 where she held the position of Second Vice President, followed by Recruitment Information Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, First Vice President, President (1995-1996), and Parliamentarian/Nominating Chair. 

She has served on the Foundation Board as Secretary, President (2001-2002), and Adviser.  Her many HAPA honors include selection as a Citation Member in 1994, as Honorary Board Member in 1998, and Honorary Board Member Emeritae in 2004.

Currently, Ms. Brennig is a Trustee for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation, serves as a Trustee for the Houston Junior Forum Endowment Fund Inc., and is a Eucharistic Minister at St. John Vianney Catholic Church.

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Honorary Board Member Emerita

Phyllis Marie Prange, Sigma Sigma Sigma
  Phyllis Prange   

Phyllis attended the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University.  She has been active in HAPA beginning in 1972.  Phyllis has served in most of the board positions and held the office of President in 1988-1989.

Phyllis was recognized as a Citation Member in 1984, followed by Honorary Board Member in 2002, and Honorary Board Member Emeritus in 2008.  She has served as the Anna K. Chase  President.  Most recently, Phyllis served as a Trustee for the Foundation.

Locally, Phyllis has served as Alumnae President and most other board positions in the Houston Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  She received the "Sigma Sigma Sigma Alumnae of the Region" Award in 1989 and Alumnae Recognition Award in 1989.... both national awards.  She also served on the House Corporation for the collegiate chapter at Sam Houston State University.  Phyllis was on the installation team for this chapter in 2002.

Phyllis has been a national officer in Sigma Sigma Sigma, serving as Alumnae Panhellenic Coordinator for nine years.  In this office, she received reports from Sigma Alumnae Panhellenic Delegates in 65 cities.

Phyllis was the Sigma Sigma Sigma National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Second Alternate Delegate for six years.  Her job during her NPC years was to be the Area Adviser for Central Texas Alumnae Panhellenics.  She also served on the NPC Collegiate Awards Committee.

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Honorary Board Member Emerita

Kay Morgenroth Newman, Delta Gamma
  Kay Newman   
Graduating from The University of Texas with a BBA degree and then earning a master’s degree from the University of Houston, Kay became a Delta Gamma, as an alumnae initiate, at Baylor University in 1979. 

She has been an active Delta Gamma alumnae member serving as first vice president of Houston Delta Gamma Foundation and currently, and for many years, serving as an advisory trustee, as well as, a member of the  DG, Gamma Sigma House Corporation Board, University of Houston.  Kay has served in a number of positions, Houston Alumnae DG Chapter, receiving both the Stellar and Cable Awards. 

Kay started her involvement with HAPA in 1983 when she served as Courtesy Committee vice-chair and alternate delegate, and has never missed a year through the present time, serving either as an officer, committee chairman, vice chairman, member, or delegate. 

Highlights in those continuous years of service regarding offices and committee chairmen are:  Historian, Ways and Means (twice), Scholarship Selection, Courtesy, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Program, Reading is Fundamental, Treasurer, First Vice-President, President (1998-99), Parliamentarian, and Membership. 

During her HAPA presidency, the HAPA website was formed to further our collective educational and philanthropic missions.  Kay has served a number of years as a Trustee on the HAPF (Foundation) Board, as Vice President (2001-02) and as President (2002-03).  She was named a Citation Member in 1994, Honorary Board Member in 2003, and Honorary Board Member Emeritae in 2009.

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Honorary Board Member Emerita

Shirley Rose Kraus, Alpha Gamma Delta
  Shirley Kraus   
Shirley became actively involved with Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association in the late 1960’s.  She quickly found a kinship of spirit with the other women.  She remarks, “Everyone works together in panhellenic, and that is why the organization is successful.  We are pulling together for one purpose.  I have always felt very comfortable around the other women.  They are a constant source of comfort and support who will stick by me through every challenge.”

Mrs. Kraus volunteers her time on numerous committees, including Bylaws, Community Service, Programs, Recruitment Information, Scholarship Selection, and Social.  She currently serves as a Delegate in addition to Honorary Board Member Emeritae.  Shirley is a Past HAPA President (1999-2000) and was distinguished as a Citation Member in 1989.  She became an Honorary Board Member in 2004, followed by standing as an "Emeritae" in 2010.

Shirley observes that every office and committee position is a challenge, nevertheless she has tried to leave her signature, carving out her niche, as she goes along.  The year she rotated off the board and did not hold an office, she felt lost.  She realized panhellenic had become a part of her.  She made the decision to serve as a delegate so she could remain involved, and has held the position ever since.  Shirley explains, “Panhellenic service is a pleasure, one I thoroughly enjoy.”  Shirley asserts she takes her job very seriously. 

Her favorite HAPA events include Recruitment Roundtable (formerly called Rush Roundtable) and the annual Scholarship Luncheon.  Shirley is typically in charge of coordinating the models and organizing the fashion show for the luncheon. 

Shirley Rose Kraus became a member of Alpha Gamma Delta in the 1960’s when she was initiated into the Houston Alumnae Club.  She served as President of the Alpha Gamma Delta Houston Alumnae Club in 1971-73, and has been involved in innumerable offices and committees to the present.

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Honorary Board Member Emerita

Sharon Kelley Shelton-Pease, Delta Zeta
  Sharon Shelton-Pease   
Sharon Shelton-Pease was named a Citation Member in 1989 and was recognized as an Honorary Board Member in 2010.  Her standing as an Honorary Board Member Emeritae began in 2016.  She served as HAPA President in 1989-1990.  Sharon has served multiple times as a Trustee and Officer on the Foundation Board. 

Her past offices include HAPF Treasurer and Scholarship Selection Chairman.  In 2012, Sharon and her husband Tim, were asked to be the Guests of Honor at the Annual HAPF Wine Tasting Event.  She is a graduate of Louisiana State University.

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Honorary Board Member Emerita

Pam Barton Staples, Kappa Delta
  Pam Staples   
Pam joined Kappa Delta at Texas Christian University in 1966, and has been actively involved since then.

She has held numerous offices in her alumnae chapter and served as President from '75-'76 and '80-'82.  She was awarded, "The Most Loyal KD", by The Texas State Association in 1986.

On the national level, Pam served as Province Alumnae Officer for Texas from '87-'91.  She was presented with The Order of the Emerald in 1992 for outstanding contributions to the sorority.  In 2003, she endowed an annual $2,000 panhellenic scholarship for upperclassmen.

In addition, Pam has been actively involved on the collegiate level.  She served on the Alumnae Advisory Board for her sorority's chapter at Houston Baptist University for ten years.  She was present at the installation of chapters at HBU, The University of Texas, and Texas A&M University.

Pam has represented Kappa Delta for over thirty five years in some official capacity in HAPA.  She was Chairman of The Sorority Sampler in 1985 (the panhellenic charity fundraiser at the time) and Editor of The Greek Information Line from '86-'87, which had over 500 national subscriptions, and was the fundraising effort of HAPA to raise monies for annual scholarships prior to the creation of the Foundation . 

In her service to HAPA, she chaired the annual Luncheon in 1990 and the Citation Selection Committee in 1994.  Pam was presented with The Citation Award for continuous service in 1989.  In 2010, Pam was named an Honorary Board Member.  Her standing as an Honorary Board Member Emeritae began in 2016.

Pam held the office of President of The Anna K. Chase Foundation from '91-'93, and served two terms as a Trustee of The Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation.  During this time, she was Vice-President and then Corresponding Secretary.

Pam is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church.  She gives back to her community by serving on the Board of The Houston Ballet Guild and on the Nutcracker Market Committee.  She is also a member of The Executive Committee of The Emerald Circle, providing scholarships and program support for The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council.
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Honorary Board Member

Mimi Gordon Hagedorn, Alpha Phi

Mimi has been active in HAPA since 1987, holding nearly every office as a Board Member and also serving many times as a Delegate for her sorority, Alpha Phi.  “I have enjoyed every minute of my Houston Alumnae Panhellenic experience, learning a lot, laughing a lot, and making good friends along the way”, she said recently.  Though active in many other organizations throughout her life, she is the most loyal to her work with HAPA and the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation.

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Mimi is an avid Cornhusker fan living deep in the heart of Texas.  She pledged Alpha Phi her freshman year and has been active in the Alpha Phi Alumnae organization, both on a national and local level.  She was Alumnae President of the Dallas chapter before moving to Houston, where she also was President.  Mimi served as the Alpha Phi District Governor for six years and then joined the Alpha Phi Foundation as a Trustee.

Just ending her second time serving as Recruitment Co-Chair of HAPA, over-seeing Recruitment Roundtable and the 2013 sorority new member lists for Houston from around the country, Mimi has served recently as the Alpha Phi Delegate, HAPF Bylaws Chairman, and HAPF Vice President.  Serving for six years on the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation, Mimi is delighted with the progress the Foundation has made since its inception in 1987.  Mimi was named a HAPA Honorary Board Member in 2015.

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Honorary Board Member

Pam S. Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Pam Jarrett

Pam S. Jarrett is a native Houstonian who graduated from Bellaire High School in 1968 and headed to the University of Texas at Austin where she was initiated into Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority.  During her undergraduate years she served her sorority as the Panhellenic Delegate and rotated into the Secretary position on the University Panhellenic Council representing Alpha Epsilon Phi in 1970.

She carries a very special feeling for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association and the Foundation.  Since her sorority does not have an alumnae group in the Houston area, Pam has served as an Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority individual member Delegate for over twenty years.  She remarks often that from the first meeting she attended she was surrounded by warmth and sisterhood. The women of HAPA/HAPF are all passionate about their work for this organization.  They display extraordinary energy and they have a moral obligation to accomplish great deeds that serve large causes.  The year Pam served as HAPA President representing her sorority, was a banner one for Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, for they were celebrating their 100th year.

Reflecting on her journey in leadership roles that led to her rotating into the HAPA Presidency, followed by the HAPF Presidency, are as follows:  St. Francis Episcopal Day School PTO President (1985), St. John’s School Parent’s Club Presidency (1992-1993), Episcopal High School Garage Sale Chairman (1994), Houston Junior Forum Resale Shop Chairman (1997-1999), President of the Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel (1999-2000), HAPA Community Service Chairmanship (2001-2003), HAPA Scholarship Selection Chairman (2003-2004), HAPA Historian (2004-2005), HAPA Treasurer (2006-2007), and HAPA First Vice President (2007-2008).

Following holding the office of HAPA President (2008-2009), Pam served as Parliamentarian/Nominating Committee Chairman (2009-2010), HAPA Recruitment Information Chairman (2010-2011), HAPA Bylaws Chairman (2011-2012), and HAPF President and Development Committee member (2011-2018).  Through these leadership roles Pam met the requirements to be considered a HAPA Citation Member and was honored by the HAPA membership to receive this award in 2009.

In 2010, Pam and her husband Alan, were selected as the Guests of Honor at the Annual HAPF Wine Tasting Event.  The Jarretts were joined by many friends and family members to celebrate the significant contributions they have made to Houston Panhellenic, as well as the Houston community.

Pam feels humbled by the innate gifts that power the ladies of HAPA and HAPF and how they have embraced an individual member like herself and encouraged her to serve as president in their organization; for they knew they had to stand alongside, becoming the heart and soul of an alumnae group within an alumnae group.

Recently, Pam served six years as a Trustee for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation, as a HAPA Delegate representing Alpha Epsilon Phi, and for the third time as Community Service Chairman.  Pam served as an Adviser to the Foundation and continues in her role as HAPA Delegate representing Alpha Epsilon Phi.  In 2015, Pam was selected as a HAPA Honorary Board Member.

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Honorary Board Member

Candace Turner, Phi Mu

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Honorary Board Member

Susan Banks, Gamma Phi Beta

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Honorary Board Member

Connie Windes Zieba, Alpha Gamma Delta

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